A Curious Thing

Philosophy is a curious thing; a synthesis.

  • A combination of scholarly study and meditation.
  • A combination of scientific rectitude and artistic sensibility.

In philosophy, two very different attitudes to understanding must be equally valued:

  • Minute study must mingle with grand general sweeps.
  • Forceful argumentation must blend with silent contemplation.

Immanuel Kant had this dual nature of philosophy in mind when he said that there are two concepts of philosophy: A school concept and a cosmical concept. A conceptus scholasticus and a conceptus cosmicus.

It is vital to the philosophical tradition that attempts to synthesise these concepts flourish. As academic philosophy is heading towards increasing specialisation, however, such attempts have become rare.

Most philosophy publishers today largely ignore the need to support and advance cosmic ambitions in philosophy.

The aim of CosmicusBooks is to remedy this.



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